• Inefficiency destroys a business! Transform the way you do business and avoid unnecessary delays in your workflow. We have what you need to work more efficiently, anywhere and at any time?

eSignature and Verification and Electronic Document Signing:

The feature allows your customers, employees and business partners all reap the benefits of trustworthy, secure and convenient paperless signing every day whether signing in-person or online. It can be integrated into various business processes such as authorization workflows, web-based applications, desktop client, plug-in or SDK. eSignature can be deployed as standalone or part of a wider platform.

Mobile Capture Platform:

Mobile has become the primary form of engagement worldwide. The feature enables the document capture module of mobile apps to ensure document capture and data extraction work correctly the first time, every time, providing your customers with the frictionless mobile capture experience they expect. After the document is captured, patented Virtual ReScan (VRS) image-perfection technology cleans up, de-skews, and reduces the image size. VRS optimizes the image for both data extraction and network transmission, resulting in a near real-time experience.

Healthcare content management and Imaging:

The Healthcare Content Management solution enables providers to gain control of their data providing the tools to capture, manage, view and share medical images and documents from core applications to deliver accurate and timeous care to patients. From admission to discharge your healthcare content management needs are covered.

Smart Process Application Platform:

The feature provides a uniquely comprehensive set of capabilities in a modern, open architecture, allowing customers to benefit from the platform at a pace that meets their need and via solutions that comfortably sit alongside existing infrastructure and integration with various systems. The solution delivers responsive, dynamic business processes that maximize self-service models, whilst enhancing customer experience and engagement.

Multichannel Capture:

Business processes are accelerated by collecting documents and forms, transforming them into accurate, actionable information, and delivering it into your line of business applications, workflows, repositories and databases. Whether information is on paper or in electronic format. The solution captures it all quickly and accurately, ensuring complete chain of custody of the content and accelerating core business processes and solutions.

Customer Communications Management:

 The solution is an adaptable and robust platform designed to effectively create customized documents that can be delivered to customers in their preferred formats, including email, SMS or via portals. Customer Communications Management solution enables creation of a more agile business environment and improve the customer experience with timely, relevant and personalized communications, with minimal IT support. The Customer Communications Manager enables business users to quickly and easily create customized documents and manage all outgoing communications.

ERP integration:

The solution has built key document automation integrations with many of the industry’s top ERP systems to help you optimize the performance and efficiency of these critical business systems.

Financial Process Automation:

Financial process automation enables extraction of relevant data without human intervention, and at all times gain visibility to the financial processes that support your business success. With Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable automation accelerating business operations, your organization will be positioned to improve cash flows by capitalizing on early payment bonuses.

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